Safe workplace robot

Safe Workplace Robot is an AI-enabled early warning solution for keeping people safe at their workplace



- contact-less body temperature check via thermal camera or infrared thermometer

- detection of people wearing protective gear

- automatic detection of close proximity grouping and area crowding


Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence


Vision AI


Safety & Security Software


Intel Software Innovators Program

For the past 5 years we've developed several POCs and prototypes using bleeding edge technologies from Intel. A list of publicly available information about our work is available on Intel DevMesh. Continue scrolling to find our more about our top 3 most forward-thinking AI projects.

HELIOS Concept

HELIOS is a head-mounted wearable solution, developed in collaboration with Intel , that empowers people with sight deficiencies. In a nutshell, HELIOS helps visually impaired individuals overcome challenges they face on a daily basis with features such as improved nearby environment perception, non-Braille text understanding and remote caretaking. Find out more in our article at IDZ.

ASTRO Concept

Assistance, Safety and Telepresence Robot Officemate

ASTRO is a versatile robot concept designed to improve productivity and safety in the workplace. Robots are becoming an increasingly ubiquitous part of our society, providing help with a wide array of tasks such as cleaning our homes, delivering room service or guiding us to our departure gate at the airport. The adoption of robot solutions is becoming a sensible choice, if not a priority, for an increasing number of businesses. Read the full article on Medium.

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Outstanding customer experience is all about emotion. So we built a robot that understands how customers feel and helps with keeping them happy, loyal and eager to return. Our solution is the ultimate tool for obtaining the feedback your sales team needs to perform. Let's have a talk about how your business + our tech = the future.


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