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Cognitive AI with Natural Language and Visual Understanding


Forward-thinking projects for safety, assistance and empowerment

Project ASTRO

Assistance, Safety and Telepresence Robot Officemate

ASTRO is a versatile robot designed to improve productivity and safety in the workplace. Robots are becoming an increasingly ubiquitous part of our society, providing help with a wide array of tasks such as cleaning our homes, delivering room service or guiding us to our departure gate at the airport. The adoption of robot solutions is becoming a sensible choice, if not a priority, for an increasing number of businesses.

Project HELIOS

HELIOS is a head-mounted wearable solution that empowers people with sight deficiencies. In a nutshell, HELIOS helps visually impaired individuals overcome challenges they face on a daily basis with features such as improved nearby environment perception, non-Braille text understanding and remote caretaking. Find out more in our article at IDZ.


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